Blogger Application

Current Status: Applications Closed – will be kept on file for next time.

1. As a MuddPuddles Blogger you are expected to blog ALL items placed in the MuddPuddles Blogger Group with in 7-15 days (Clothing: 7, Furniture: 15) from the release date to the group. It is your responsibility to check notices for product releases. Never Should a product be altered from its final design in which it was given to you.

2. Blogs & Photos should clearly “showcase” the product in which you are blogging. Avatars are not allowed in furniture featured ‘main photos’.

3. Blog posts should indicated the products full name and link back to either inworld, marketplace or event location of where the item maybe found. Blogs must clearly outline details of the products. Furniture is more then just objects, there are details about each product; Example: Texture Menus, Props, Animations, etc.

4. Collaborated Blog Posts using the same photo as another MuddPuddles Blogger is not allowed. You may have group photos with anyone but each blogger is expected to post their own original work (photos) for their own blogs.

5. You are required to post your MuddPuddles related blogs to the MuddPuddles Flickr Group as well as other Facebook Groups and Flickr Groups of your choosing. Do NOTE: MuddPuddles products are designed for the kid community, at no time do we allow our products to be showcased outside of kid/family (over PG13) related blogs.

6. MuddPuddles releases product to you, that would other wise cost you, in exchange for your blog service. Those individuals who do not return services or who are repeatedly late will be removed from the blogger group.  Blog Posts that slack in the quality of service that was agreed upon during acceptance will also be removed.

We understand that certain situations may slow productivity,  we ask that you keep an open line of communication, prior to due dates (not after).  It is your responsibility to contact Isa directly if you will be gone and again when you come back.    If you will be gone for an extended period of time (longer than a month) you may be asked to leave the group and reapply when you come back to secondlife.

(do not submit display names. If your name contains resident for a last name, you must input "resident.")
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