Most Common Questions

Q:  How come I can’t get on sim?

A: To access the MuddPuddles Sim you must have a verified account with billing info on file.  {OR}  You may join the .MuddPuddles. vip group to access the sim.

Q:  My product was not delivered to me. Will you send me another.

A: See the page: Refunds / Delivery / Products

Q:  How do I change the texture of an item?

A: See the page: Texture Menus / HUDs

Q: Will you send me your Maps? Textures? Animations? so on…

A: I create products as a final design.  I do not sell Maps, Textures, Animations, Sounds, Etc.

Q:  Do you take Custom Orders?

A: No, I honestly build for myself and offer the items for sale so others can have them if they wish.  You can, however, take the survey to tell me what you like.

Q:  Will you make me a bed with an adult menu?

A: NO!!  MuddPuddles is a PG Children’s Store.  I have no desire to build Adult Content.

Q: How do I become a blogger for MuddPuddles?

A: You will need to complete a Blogger Application.  Applications are kept on file for when we open up blogger searches.

Q: Can I use your furniture for Prim Babies?

A: Yes, actually any and all furniture pieces that are modify can be used.  If you want the furniture scripted for prim babies, you will need to use their brand script engine and attach to which ever piece of furniture you wish to use. 

Q: Does your furniture work with my RP HUD?

A: Some furniture is scripted for XeoLife, see product details.  However, you can use any modifiable piece of furniture for your RP HUD, just add their scripts and follow the directions given to you.

Q: I seen a product at an event, event is closed.  Can I still get it?

A: Maybe.  If the item was exclusive to the event, then no.  Most products, however, are available a couple weeks after an event has ended.  Just check back later.