Product Menu / Security / Experiences

Animation Menu:

Animation menus may be used by any child avatar and parent (if is for parent also). Animations are set with the toddleedoo avatar and for parents a system avatar.  You may adjust the position of the animation to better suit the size of your avatar from the animation menu.

Adjust Animation:

To adjust an animation position edit personal positions via [ADJUST] menu using X,Y,Z menu buttons, this will save personal pose for your own avatar.

Find yourself on the wrong pose?  Hit [SWAP] on the menu.


The security level of any product can be changed by the owner in the [ADJUST] menu, with separate options for both ‘Sit’ and ‘Menu’ access. Options are ALL, OWNER or GROUP.


Second Life has now enabled ‘experiences’ which will allow automatic attachments without having to grant permissions every time you use an attachment prop.

To Enable this feature you will need to enable the experience ‘AVsitter’ with in your Land Settings.  For full information see:  Experiences in Second Life Knowledge Base