Refunds / Delivery / Products

Refunds / Exchanges:

There is no Refunds or Exchanges.  It is highly recommended that you read and double check what you are purchasing before making any transactions.  It is also recommended that you see our products inworld to better judge if the product will suit your needs.

When using Market Place double check that your order is correct.  If you are sending a product as a gift make sure you are using their account name not a display name.  Also double check your shopping cart before making the transaction.

When using vendors for personal purchase, gifting or when using gift cards pay attention to the instructions the vendor is giving you.

Delivery / Redeliver:

If you did not receive a product from either Market Place or Inworld, you may use the Redeliver Terminal located at the entrance of the store.  If you do not see your product listed go to your ‘SL Dash Board‘ to view ‘Transaction History’ to check if the product was actually purchased.   If it has been longer then 30 minutes and you still have not received your product please submit a ticket here.

Note: Retired, Limited Time Only and No Copy items will not be redelivered.

Product Availability:

Products do get retired.  I do not keep outdated products, at all.  No I can not and will not sell something that has retired.  Same goes for the Limited Time Event Products. Keep your original boxes to insure you always have a copy, there are no redeliver on items that are obsolete.

Gacha Products:

Gacha is like a game with a random prize.  Gacha Items are No Copy, Trans and sometimes maybe modify depending on the product.  There are No Refunds or Exchanges.   You play at your own risk.  Make sure you do not discard the item when it is delivered to you as I do not redeliver on Gachas nor issue any credits.